D&B Lumber Products

D&B Lumber prides itself on providing superior products to the building industry. Quality construction begins with quality products. We supply a range of building materials, including:


lumber & building materialsLumber & Building Materials

Dimensional lumber; softwood plywood; OSB for floor, roof and wall sheathing; treated wood for above and below grade applications; fastening devices, ties and anchors, metal posts, and insulation.

I Joist Floor System I Joist Floor Systems

I-Joists allow greater spans and deeper depths than dimensional lumber and are lighter, stronger, and easier to install. D&B Lumber has been a leading supplier of engineered floor systems for over two decades.

Wall Panels

Wall Panels

Factory Built wall panels reduce costs, improve efficiency, and shorten the construction process. Wall panels reduce jobsite labour, material waste, and theft, while providing proper nailing and accurate placement of posts and beams.